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Random features

  • Pulley Joint
  • Language Manager
  • Display Object Generators

  • Krea 1.5, Native-Software, what's next?
  • Krea 1.4 Now Released!

Hi everyone !

We are sorry to annouced that Native-Software S.A.R.L is being closed because of a lack of revenue, we are not able to continue development of Krea.
However, behind this bad news ! there is a better news, Krea 1.5 is out and it's become totally free and open-source. It's available today on gitHub :


We will continue to support the development of Krea via the github portal. In order to use Krea free, without restriction, please update in 1.5. If you have any question, please let us know !



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Dear Kreator community,krea 1 4

We are pleased to announce today a major release: Krea 1.4

After hard and long work around the graphics engine issues known till now, a kind of a new Krea is born including mainly a better and faster drawing system that uses DirectX.

This version of Krea has been specially worked in order to improve the user usability, the overall system stability and performance.

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